Saturday, May 3, 2014

FNWF - May

Since FNWF is the first Friday it is often followed by another sewing day on the first Saturday of the month..

On both occasions I worked on my latest "must do" project:

 Yes, I know I am missing a bit of blue in the first block...
I haven't done any cross stitch for quite a few years - it used to be my main "thing" and I resisted taking up patchwork because I knew I would never finish all the cross stitches I wanted to do...well as you can see I made the move and of course can't find enough time to do both.
I have seen this on a blog or too - and had to start - immediately!
(That was over fortuitous that I have a stash of cross stitch supplies as well as patchwork supplies!!!)

It is a small project - still patchwork related and although the pattern is 4 rows of 4 squares - I am concentrating on 3 x 3 for case I get over my need to do some cross stitch!!

If you feel like being sucked in too...go here.  The patterns are free!

Thanks everyone for your company last night and thanks to Cheryl for hosting us all!!


  1. You sound like me Susan. I did a lot if x stitch but it was pushed aside for patchwork. Lately though I've felt like doing it again & have been thinking of doing that project you are working on. Hugs, xx

  2. Ditto! We just need another pair of hands. Lol! I love that cross stitch.

  3. Such pretty patterns ,lovely work Susan.xx

  4. Looking good Susan, but where is your latest McRyan??? (probably the same place mine

  5. oooooh, cross stitch was my main thing too, for many, many years. Believe it or not, I still have a couple of projects squirrelled away that need to see the light of day and get finished. Love that cross stitch project that you are doing. I have seen it alot in blogland.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  6. Your Cross Stitch Sampler is looking great.. I am also enjoying doing some cross stitch again..

  7. Popping in from FNWF, I only ever finished one cross stitch!!!! Now onto quilting which I am totally loving

  8. your tiny cross stitch patchwork pattern is gorgeous....

  9. Glad you got some stitching done and it is hard to
    decide which craft to do. lol I wish we could have another
    set of arms so we can do lots of crafts at once!! lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  10. It is looking lovely too, Susan.

  11. Susan, you could always think of this as being that you are doing two projects at the same time - cross stitching AND making quilt blocks! Yes it's a popular SAL, and yours is lovely, well done

  12. Lovely stitching, I have been seeing a few of these in blogland recently too, and they are on my to do list, they are so cute! Looking forward to seeing your progress

  13. Looking great. I'm sure you will finish it before you get bored with it.

  14. Why did you put that link there!! I couldn't resist clicking on it and now I'm fighting the urge to start stitching that project immediately too! :o) Your's is lovely and Anthea is right... it's like doing patchwork and cross stitch at the same time. In any case it's t's just plain fun dipping in and out of different crafts.


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