Saturday, April 19, 2014

FNSI - April

How fortuitous that FNSI fell on Good Friday - a holiday - no work - lots of sewing to do.

During the day & night I worked on joining more sets of squares into rows of 20

Did a decorative stitch down the middle of some strips of white

Some reverse sewing on a bag I bought recently

to give it a "box" bottom

(needed another bag for sewing group days)
and some hand stitching

I had a few other "Duties" too and normally I wouldn't talk about such mundane things - but we have had a garage full of "Stuff" for sometime...too embarrassed to say how long...and we have started to organise and get rid of stuff - including 2 garbage bags full of videos and music cassettes....but I found a box of fabric - groan...but in that bax was something I mislaid way back in July 2013 so now I can finally finish it off.

Still 3 more days of holidays, work for 2 and another 4 days off - love it when Easter & Anzac Day almost collide....

Happy Easter to everyone .


  1. You achieved heaps. Good idea to box the bottom of the bag. You have a good work schedule for these couple of weeks.

  2. Love your projects and box in the bag, great idea I have one of those..

  3. You got a lot feels so good when you have a clear out...we are overdue here too.

  4. lovely sewing Susan... clever idea to do those decorative stitching down the middle...
    your hand stitching project looks gorgeous....

  5. Lots of stitching happening at your place, looking good, don't ya just hate finding long lost/misplaced bags of goodies in the garage....reminds us all that we shop too much (not a good feeling - denial is so much more fun)..

  6. beautiful work susan ,well done,enjoy your days off my friend and have a safe and happy easter.xx

  7. You have been busy sewing Susan. Nice quilt top you put together . Love the owl fabric in your bag. Nice stitchery too.
    Enjoy the rest of your free days..

  8. You managed to get a lot done. Are those squares as tiny as they look?

  9. Lots going on at your place and lovely projects too. Love the bag.

  10. Wow you got lots done Friday night, lucky you didn't toss that garbage bag before you went through it first or you'd still be wondering where that quilt top went to :) barb.

  11. Those tiny rows look adorable and I love the decorative stitching. I always love variegated thread for that special touch. Lucky you to find a box of fabric in your garage! I don't have a garage and my fabric is in one room, so that won't be happening here LOL. xx debbie

  12. Newbie popping in from FNSI, I love the bag, I love owls!!!
    Happy Easter


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