Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday Stitchers

Sunday was our first meet up for the year.  We have a fabulous new venue - new building , clean, comfortable, great parking and the air conditioning is super!  Just as well as it was a stinker outside!
Sixteen ladies- sewing, talking, laughing - did get a bit noisy at times.

Some of us are doing a paper bag swap - and we did a Show and Tell of the first row - we have each made our own flower row and now have passed the bag, our row and some fabrics onto the next person to complete a pinwheel row.  Needs to be ready by the end of March - (plenty of time she says to herself).  I didn't get a photo since I was in the "show & tell" but we are not allowed any more sneak peeks or sneak photos until we are ready to give the finished rows back ...thats quite a few months off yet!!!

I had a coffee toast for Fiona who lives too far away for us to be able to see her regularly - maybe we can twist her arm and she will join us some time - or maybe we need to bribe Hubz???  Maybe a new packet of home brew???
Maree has done an excellent job finding this venue -so much better than a shopping centre - especially while renovations are underway and parking is a nightmare.


  1. Susan thats great that your group have a new home,these meetings sure are fun,we cant wait for ours on sat.xx

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time. It's always nice to get together every now and then.

  3. Thank you .... I also had a toast of coffee for you all... And then another of home brew at lunch!!!!! Great idea with the rows .. It will be so fun seeing them all at the end

  4. It was so nice to get together again wasnt it. Surprising amount of work got done, considering all the noisy chatter. I got to be even more motivated to buy for my MR after seeing your blocks.

  5. Lots of great photos around blogland lookd like you all had a fantastic day....

  6. Was a great day catching up with stitching friends. Heaps of time for those rows and that other commitment I have before the March meet up! LOL!

  7. Wonderful meeting, was glad to see you again!


  8. It was a great day. What do you mean noisy???? ha ha ... have we ever been quiet? Loved catching up with everyone and I love the first rows of your mystery quilts. Just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing you next month xx


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