Sunday, January 26, 2014

Who can resist a fabric sale????

Not me often.

Faeries in My Garden have had an annual sale on Australia Day and the following week or so for a few years now.
This year some fabrics were $7 pm or $5 if you took whatever was on the bolt, plus a lot of other discounts.

I mainly went for a backing for a quilt where I needed 5.4 metres - what I found had a bit over 6 metres so it was cheaper to buy the whole lot....(that's the accountant in me talking...I think).
But, as the balis were also on special at the same price I picked up a few more - just one metre of those.  And I do have a specific project for all but one of them.....truly!!!

All those fabrics were out the I ventured into the shop area and collected a few Cottage Garden Threads to add to the collection  (guilty - it IS a collection - I have only used a few of them...but they are so pretty...)

I also picked up a scrap bag - $2 - they are fabulous value - there are a lot of large pieces..some are almost fat quarter size...and the bag I chose even had 2 pre printed embroideries in it.  Most of them are shown in the photo below.  There are quite a few that will work with my Mrs Beasleys Sampler quilt and as I don't have a lot of that soft pretty stuff, it will be good to add to the variety for that quilt.  And there was a pack of small bits of various landscape fabrics... and a green bit that just might be big enough for a tree in my North Pole quilt.

And a "bundle" for $6 - 7 pieces - most of them are about 20 - 30 cm of fabric - that is the blue lot in the photo.  They will be great for some charity quilts that are planned this year.

I came home with 2 fairly full and quite heavy bags - fabric does weigh a bit! but all for a great price.
So, if you need some backings...or balis for something special and you live anywhere close enough...go and pay Faeries a visit.  The sale continues for a while yet...oh - the sale is for online shopping too . . . .check the link above.

OK I'm off to find somewhere to put it now . . . that could be tricky!!!!


  1. You are done supercalafragalistically well....

  2. Ooo lots of lovliness there. Hug, xx.

  3. Wow! Great bargains Susan! Enjoy your loot.

  4. Nice but I am keeping my finger tight..Hard not to go surfing...LOL

  5. oh well done... some lovelies there... and we all need some pretties just for looking at... that is where our inspiration comes from isn't it????

  6. Some great buys there Susan; you'll have lots of fun with all those goodies!

  7. Awww, so close!! We could have had a coffee or lunch :) xx debbie

  8. OMG you did play up in that shop.............always nice to find a bargain................

  9. Great buys, lovely fabrics and threads!



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