Saturday, January 25, 2014

FNSI - January 2014

FNSI - a great excuse to sew (well - really do we need an excuse???)

I had already cut these poppy blocks after seeing some on Marilyn's blog. So I assembled them - I left the black stitching on the circles for a daytime sewing session.  They are for Aussie Hero Quilts.  I couldn't commit to a whole quilt, but a few blocks will always help.

This is a really quick block and no fussy matchy bits - a great group pattern and I think it would look great using all sorts of floral fabrics and the same coloured centre.

Then I put my "Bob the Builder" hard hat on and constructed a building for my Welcome to the North Pole quilt.  I was really sorry I couldn't do this last year when there was a group going, but I am having fun with it now.
This is the Coffee Shop (originally the Marble House - but patterns are just a guide - aren't they??) - I figure Santa & Mrs Claus need a few good cuppas to get them through that busy season... I know I do....I am thinking they are going to need something more than a coffee...maybe a pub???

There will be a lot of embellishments added - especially a roof!

Thanks for everyone's company and thanks to Wendy or hosting and providing recipes.


  1. wonderful blocks you got made Susan,i love those nth pole blocks,they are very whimsical.xx

  2. Gorgeous poppies. The house block is looking good. Hugs, xx

  3. Nice blocks, Susan, I bet Santa wouldn't mind a pub after all that hard work, why not? :) xx debbie

  4. You're on fire, hope the snow doesn't melt....Love the poppies too

  5. They are great poppies Susan... and any time is a great time to be making the North Pole hanging... love the coffee shop... Santa would not be a good example to the kiddies or grown-ups if he went to his pub then got behind the reins of his sleigh, LOL!

  6. Those Poppy Blocks look great...
    Hmmm! coffe Shop is a good idea. I think the elves would love that too !!
    Have lots of fun with the North Pole. I did.

  7. Love the poppy blocks and the idea of a coffee shop at the North Pole. Can't think of a better place to have one!

  8. Those poppy blocks are really effective..... Coffee shop is lovely and I'm sure it will surprise you that I think a pub sounds good

  9. Hi Susan,
    thanks for commenting on my blog! Nice to meet you! I will follow your blog and will be delighted to watch your progress on the north pole Quilt!

  10. The poppy blocks are stunning - very striking colour, and great pattern.


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