Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas / New Year break

Usually I take a break from work over the Christmas / New Year period.  We are forced to take about 5 - 7 days each year and I usually take an extra week.  I ended up with 3 weeks off work.
Last year, in particular, I used a lot of that time to prepare sewing projects for the coming year.  I planned to do the same for last Christmas.  And I must have done that - I didn't do a lot of other things, just sewing "stuff"....but it's hard to see what I actually achieved.  Last year I ended up with at least 8 little projects ready to sew during the year (for the Stitch-a-Long blog).

Whatever I did this year is not as visible....oh well thats how it is.

So - what did I get done??
  • I traced  the vliesofix for all but one block of "Welcome to the North Pole". 
  • I pieced and traced the stitchery for block 1 of Mrs Beasleys sampler (and although I am very keen to get my hands on the next issue which has been delayed MANY months, at least I still have a chance of finishing block 1 before Block 2 is available)
  • I sorted through all my drawers of fabrics, so they are all neat and tidy (for now) and each "colour" fits in the drawer....LOL....BUT I need more drawers....
  • I just about finished all the machine stitching for the "My Town" blocks that I plan to finish this year
  • I re-made some angels for a friend who has misplaced her collection
  • I made a list of what I want to work on this year
  • I started my McKenna Ryan group blog and got a few recruits
  • I made two small wall hangings for some young girls I know who have each bought a unit

There were at least 7 other things I wanted to usual my plans far exceed the time available.
Not to worry there is almost a full year ahead... plenty of time to finish all those projects.......NOT!!!


  1. Gorgeous projects....and we think there is heaps of time, but...hope you find some...

  2. Wow I think you achieved heaps .... my Mum always said "time goes faster as you get older" and I think she was right. Your wall hangings look terrific too.


  3. wow Susan you achieved alot ,well done and have a lovely weekend.xx

  4. You did such a lot Susan. Well done! I love the wall hangings. That little design I one of my favourites. Happy stitching ahead for you in 2014.

  5. Wow you achieved a lot of prep work and it sounds like you have a busy year ahead... Look forward to sharing it and seeing your projects

  6. Some lovely projects to do.. I am always amazed at just how long the prep work takes ...

  7. You have certainly achieved a lot there Susan!

  8. prep work always seems to take up a lot of time, so you did achieve plenty to keep you going for a while. (or longer than a while???) Those weeks seem to go so quickly dont they.
    by the way, my mission is definitely to start checking out (buying) batiks ready to start the owls.

  9. You've been busy :)
    I sorted my fabrics too but I can't say they fit in my drawers :))



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