Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Plans for 2014 and a McKenna Ryan Self Help Group

I had great plans for 2013... I linked up with Sew It's Finished and Aunt Marti's challenge to do 13 quilts in 2013.  It went well...until the end of October and then I just dropped the ball - perhaps the impending deadline of Christmas...perhaps just got over it - or was snowballed under it?? - or I discovered Candy Crush (NOTE:  If you haven't started on it - DON'T!!! - what a time waster!)
So, already for 2014 I had a few ideas...and now I also have a backlog from this year

My preliminary list for 2014 goes something like this:

Left overs from 2013

  • Donna's Dreaming (top finished - to be quilted)
  • Stitcher's Garden (top finished - to be quilted)
  • Best Friends (top finished - to be quilted)
  • My Town (from Homespun) - 4 blocks to finish and then put together and quilt
  • I Spy - group blocks to be put together and quilted
  • Christmas Table Runner (pattern given to me last Christmas...maybe 2014 Christmas on the table???)
  • French Connection (1 block to stitch, put together & quilt)
The "to be quilted" may not be such a problem - if I get them done professionally - all I have to do then is bind and I don't mind that)

New things....
  • QQ Challenge
  • Mrs Beasleys Sampler
  • RQ Best Friends Forever BOM
  • Fiona's Framed Hexagons 
  • Green Sashiko blocks done - put together & quilt
  • McKenna Ryan - Sea Breeze - blocks are done - to be put together & quilted
  • Row Quilt for Sunday Stitchers
  • Stitch-A-Long...if it happens
And I decided to do:
  • North Pole

That might be feasible - if I don't sleep - or if I can give up work - both unlikely scenarios for realistically - may not happen...and its unlikely that I wont find other things to add to the list . . . 

One of the reasons I have barred my soul over this....I plan to start a McKenna Ryan "Self-Help. Motivating ...etc" group blog.  A bit like Sew Its Finished, where you can post your plans and progress for a MR project.  i am sure a lot of us have started a MR project and then put it aside or have a hankering to do one, so this might help get you going.
I'll do another post when I have it up and running - maybe between Christmas & New Year and anyone who wants to join in can do so. - put your thinking caps on - start planning....or just comment if you are interested.


  1. Even now that I'm retired I stil fnd that I try to put too many things on my 'to do' list, Susan...not just in craft projects but in gardening and housework lists too!

  2. Oh Susan, Candy Crush is evil - I had to go cold turkey...Helen and Teresa put me onto it - bad, very bad...
    I have had a McKenna ryan wall hanging siting on my shelf for years...always wanted to do it but am a bit nervous about starting it...I have not done much raw edge that the way you did yours....I would love to see it...might even join in your MR group..although I will probably need more (NOT)..
    So trying to be more behaved next year - using what I have bought and stop buying what I think I need (which is always everything)...
    Do you have any photos on your blog of your MR blocks? Cya

  3. What a list... but getting as far as October is a great success so don't worry that the wheels fell off and you need the Candy Crush rehab centre!! I will watch the mcKenna Ryan's... will not be tempted... will not be tempted....


  4. Oh that candy crush,now what you mean,boy that was a big list.xx

  5. Well you've certainly got a bit of 'to be quilted' going on there! I love Candy Crush but as I can't sew at night time I try to Candy Crush at night instead that way it doesn't interfere with my sewing time!

  6. That is some list. Looking forward to your updates next year. xx debbie

  7. So many I know are hooked on Candy Crush...I keep away from it all together. It must be a little bit like Tetris I suspect. MR projects are beauties. Good luck with your group. I'll watch from the sidelines. Good Luck! Sandi


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