Monday, December 9, 2013

Friday Night with Friends - very late

Ooops - it was such a  busy weekend - I forgot to post my meager efforts.
Friday was our work Christmas lunch - didn't really feel too focused by the time I got home - but I did do a bit with these...

I had to add cards to some of them, ready for Saturday's sewing Christmas get together, count a few more, stitch out a few more and generally just organise myself....
That was all I felt like on Friday night..certainly no need for any special treats apart from a coffee...

Better luck in January - gosh another year almost gone.


  1. Love your angels, Susan, the one you gave me is hanging front and centre on my Christmas tree. Thanks again for giving it to me, I love it. Hope you have a great Christmas and cant wait to catch up at our first meeting next year...

  2. they are cute angels Susan.... more Christmas parties? they don't seem to be stopping for you....

  3. Lovely lace ornaments.
    I also love making lace on the machine.
    They look lovely all together.

  4. I don't have a Christmas tree, so I hung mine from a little lamp. It will stay out year round, because I have several angel things here and there anyway...xx debbie

  5. It certainly sounds like an extremely busy time for you, Susan!

  6. Cute Angels to add to your cards. Hope you had a great day.


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