Sunday, November 17, 2013

Brisbane Bloggers - Stitchers Inc - Christmas Party

This afternoon we gathered to mark the end of the year as a group and to swap our Secret Santa presents.

There were a few extras - choccies, bon-bons and stars.
Sandi made a bob-bon for each of us - complete with joke, hat, 2 wine glass charms (they make useful additions to earrings!!!), a piece of fabric (I got a purple piece - very lucky!!!) and of course a "snap".  They were beautiful:

 De made these very clever folded stars

There was a bountiful supply of food....

And here are some of the presents....

 Here is mine all wrapped:

Mine came from Maree and was a cute mat to use for Santa's snacks, a box of Maltesers decorated to look like Santa and a box (handmade) containing a set of cards for all sorts of celebrations - they are just gorgeous - thanks again and again Maree.
(we have two Marees - Organising Maree and this Maree who is very big into papercraft...maybe we should call her Paper Maree???)

This is what I made - for Teresa.
Bronwyn Hayes Mug Bag.

I 'think' she likes it!!

Maree, (Organising Maree) who does all our organising, also gave out two "lucky door" prizes.  A big thanks to her!!!

We started the day at high noon - and managed to squeeze in a few minutes of stitching towards the end  ...

A fun afternoon...

Thanks again to everyone.

For more pictures - you can visit Noela  and go here to see Lynda's gorgeous cross stitched ornament/pincushion.  Not to forget Teresa who always does a very informative post. And Marilyn has a great shot of the Celtic table runner she made as well as a lot of other goodies.  More from Cheryll and De


  1. It was such a fun afternoon wasnt it. Everyone had made such beautiful gifts, yummy food, and the company was the best.

  2. Great post Susan. So lovely to catch up again. All the gifts were gorgeous. Hugs.....

  3. Love your post Susan, I had a fantastic day and the company was that what my hair looks like from

  4. looks fun.... of course it is ... food , friends and parcels...

  5. How lovely. Your gifts look very nice.

  6. what a fun day Susan and lots of awesome gifts,love what you got and love the cards paper Maree made,thankyou for sharing.xx

  7. Looks like you all had a fantastic day, great photos....amazing gifts

  8. Oh wow, the mug bag is absolutely gorgeous, what a fab make!! Looks like everyone had a great time, lots of fun to be had!

  9. It was a great afternoon! I love the gift you made for Teresa; it's gorgeous! And those little angels you made us all are just so cute, you clever lady!

  10. It was such a great party and fun afternoon. I had a ball and you know what? I LOVE my present... ha ha... absolutely adore it. The little angels you made everyone are beautiful and mine will be hanging around all year... not just Christmas. Thanks again for making this such a wonderful day.
    PS I got your email today and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. no problem whatsoever xx

  11. what a special parcel you made for Teresa............looks great...........
    a fun day to finish the year...........

  12. Great group Lucky you.!!! That mug bag is sooooo cute.


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