Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brisbane Craft & Quilt Fair 2013

I went along to the Craft Show today - and it was great to have a quick meetup with some Brisbane Bloggers.  Had to borrow (pinch??) a picture from Teresa.
Its worth popping over to Teresa's blog - more lovely pics - of people, goodies & food....

Val, Teresa, Tatyana, Sandi, Marilyn and Noela and (at the back) Lynda, me, Michelle and Fiona.   It was especially nice to see Fiona who had risen early and travelled a great distance just to see us (oh - well maybe she was coming for the craft show....)

Just two pictures of something I bought:   (There is a HINT here for someone, somewhere)

In fact a few people in the group shot bought the same book...(a clue)

PS - Its Friday Night Sew In this week - so pop over here and Link Up.
I might do something with a new (tiny) pattern I bought.... 


  1. I think that's where you girls were hatching you plans..............LOL.........was great you could all catch up together.........wished I was there with you.........why is Australia so big???
    Sneaky you all................

  2. hahha.... love the hints... and I was most definitely there to see you all... the show was just a little extra bonus!!!
    PS.... got my book too...

  3. lol love the hints,i had better get this book too and finish my SKOW quilt.xx

  4. Oh good to see "someone" picked up on the hints :) looks like a lovely book...will have to investigate!

  5. Looks like a great time!!! might have to investigate also!!

  6. Lovely to see you Susan and all the girls...beautiful book.

  7. Oh I always wish I could just flap my wings and fly over to meet all you lovely ladies at your Bloggy Meets... :(
    You always have such a great get together, oh well shall have to be happy to just sew along for FNSI

  8. It was a great show, I was happy to see you and other ladies!


  9. Lovely post Susan. Do you think Chooky will succumb to pressure?. Hugs.....

  10. So good to see you Susan... what a great excuse to make it at the Craft show. I am very pleased to see "someone" is aware of our hints and sneaky hopeful plans!!! Fingers crossed xx

  11. Looks like a fun time was had by all ... and I do like that book !!!


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