Saturday, September 21, 2013


I'm not sure where time goes - my last post was FNWF and now its FNSI!!

I did manage to make black binding for this quilt and sew most of it on.

Not really a good idea to work with black at night time - but no choice if you want to get it done..

I was able to hand sew 2 sides of the binding on during the day in the car travelling to the Sunshine Cost for my aunts 90th celebrations!

This will be finished before the 30th.

And I'm hoping my FNWF project will be too - I ran out of thread and had to order some more - I tried locally - still waiting to I ordered some from Sydney.  Should be here Wednesday..should be . . .In the meantime I can start constructing it.  At least its all cut out.

Hope everyone had a lovely night sewing - thanks for your company.

And a huge thanks to Wendy for hosting.


  1. lovely work Susan.xx

  2. I think your time went AWOL with mine. Your quilt is looking bright and lovely. Black at night is a bit of a challenge isnt it. Hope you find time to finish it by the 30th.

  3. Looks good! I know about sewing at night, I have old eyes and they don't cope too well without good lighting.

  4. Beautiful fabrics look forward to seeing it finished.

  5. the quilt looks lovely.... yes, I had to do some black and it's not so fun at night... and I ran out of thread for a project too this week... what are you doing to me?????
    Hope you had some fun at your Aunts 90th... well done her...

  6. I'm getting where I can't see black at night too good either lol! looks like you've made great progress!

  7. Love sewing the binding down. I hope your Aunt enjoyed her celebration.

  8. The fabric in your top is lovely. I agree black is the worst colour to sew at night. Look forward to seeing it finished. Hugs.....

  9. I love what I can see of your quilt. I look forward to seeing the whole thing when its done. It looks spectacular!

  10. Hello Susan,

    Love the fabrics in this quilt, Good luck with the binding and Happy Birthday to your Aunt.

    happy days.

  11. Looks like another beauty almost finished, my friend

  12. My pleasure Susan......and I can't wait to see your quilt looks sensational!!! I agree, time does slip away doesn't it?? I hope your Aunt had a fab 90th......hope that runs in the've got lots of quilting planned haven't you??!! *wink* xox

  13. Hi Susan, looks like this quilt is shaping up to be a stunner... and yes, lots of good light needed when sewing with black... look forward to seeing it finished!! x

  14. It is going to be a stunning quilt Chick! I agree about sewing black fabric at night, not the easiest thing to do.


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