Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Retreat 2013 - Day 5

Tuesday - beautiful weather again.

Just 5 industrious sewers left, making the most of our last hours.

I contemplated doing the borders for "Best Friends" and decided not to, so I put this teacup block together.  This is to send to Sara Fielke who is collecting blocks to make a quilt.  I have no idea how I stumbled on a request from her for people to make blocks, so if you know - please let me know - it was from someone's blog......

Miss High Achiever finished off 10 of her 23 projects - pretty good going considering she had an off day on Sunday.

The board looked pretty good at the end:
I have collected all the tickets from the left hand side (and the left-overs from previous years) and hold onto them until next year.  We will do a roll call on Friday afternoon 2014 to see who finished what left-overs.

Our collection of finished projects  looked like this:  (The larger quilts that were up to "pinned" stage and some that were quilted are not here)

All booked in for "same time, same place" next year...hoping for some more "wintery" weather next year...but maybe it's a bit early to start the countdown.  Luckily, I still have 5 days left until I go back to work, so there will be more sewing happening here.
I have this collection of threads...two people I know collect "Orts" so I raided a few bins whilst we were sewing.  Don't worry Debbie - there is a lot of colour under all that white.

 All in all, a fabulous time away - Great accommodation  great food, great company, a few "memorable" moments which will distinguish this year from others.
Thanks to everyone for making it a great weekend - and especially to Erica for photographing everything and sharing her photos.


  1. wow what gorgeous finishes there Susan,thankyou for sharing your time away with us.xx

  2. you are well renewed after those lovely days... I love the way you all keep count of each other with the little notes...

  3. Susan I am loving all these Retreat posts - what a great time you are having! - I have a pile of phd's that your Miss High Achiever might like to do for me, LOL x

    1. Cute and funny Anthea. As you may have noted in the 'board' shot there was still a lot of pink notes left to do. Phew, not enough hours in the day and my eyes are still in need of rest but gosh it was a hoot.

  4. Everyone had an industrious retreat. Lots of lovely projects there.

  5. Thanks for putting all those great snippets on your blog, my friend. Looks great and from the comments so fair it just proves that quilters are a sharing caring bunch. xox

  6. Wow...looks like you all had a total ball...glad you enjoyed it...and look at all those finishes....

  7. Very productive lot you were Susan, but sounds like lots of fun

  8. Busy, busy, busy! I bet the electricity bill shot up over the weekend at the place you were using!

  9. Love your teacup block! It's been wonderful reading about your time on retreat...such bliss, all that sewing time :-)

  10. Great number of finishes achieved there, by all of you including Miss High Achiever. (she looks loaded down with all her finishes). Thanks for sharing your time and all the great photos. I can understand you already looking forward to next year.

  11. You had so much fun (and very productive time too :) )
    Wonderful finishes!



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