Monday, August 12, 2013

Retreat 2013 - Day 4

Monday - still bright and sunny!!  and warm...T shirts and thongs next year....

A few people left today after lunch...sad to see some go... - including our resident photographer...hopefully I can produce a slide show or movie of our time here.

Today I worked on "Best Friends".  This was a BOM that bestie and I started...for some reason...forgotten 2009...I had finished all the blocks and some of the joining squares, but now it's a top - maybe borders tomorrow.

It needs a good iron...

The board:

We have achieved a lot and still have a good half day to go...


  1. What a lovely warm day to finish on.... it's great to see the quilts from way back when being pulled out to work on... that one looks a lot of fun...

  2. Best Friends quilt looks lovely. Lots of work in that one. Your board shows there have been lots of finishes. A great retreat.

  3. Love your Best Friends quilt!

  4. thongs... or flip flops.. oh, never mind...just being cheeky

    xx debbie


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