Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Silly Season - Susan Style

Silly Season is here.

No, I don't mean Christmas - this is my retreat time of the year.  I am the chief organiser - a glowing title - but really it  all comes together pretty easily these days.  But I do send regular emails to all the group - telling them 90 days, 80 etc etc, until  we got to one calendar month, 30 days and 4 weeks all within a few days!!!  So it then became a weekly count and now it's days (or sleeps!!! - nothing childish about us at all).

So now its 

10 sleeps.


  1. You sound excited :)


  2. Have such fun -- wish I could come with you!

  3. well done you.... will be fun....

  4. Who doesn't love a sewing retreat? Have fun. I could have sworn I was already following your blog but apparently not. I am now though!


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