Monday, July 8, 2013

Another Quilt Show

I know its that time of the year...but off we went to Buderim for the Buderim Craft Group's Quilt Show.

The Buderim Craft Group is a collection of a variety of groups and in November they have a Fair where all the crafters display and sell work, but in July it's the quilters who put on a show (and sell some things)

Here are a few things I especially admired...
(sorry another photo overload)

This is a lovely version of Leanne Beasley's Leanne's House quilt which I'd really love to make one day now that my Journey of a Quilter is nearly finished.

 and some close ups - Debby - who made this - is a crazy patchworker at heart - I got to talk to her and she said she would wake up in the middle of the night and think "Oh I could do that in that spot" - so this quilt has lots of buttons and beads.

(One of the reasons I like to go to this Quilt Show is the fact that my Aunt is a long standing  member of the group - including a long time as Treasurer - so she knows most of the quilters and introduces me to them.)

and  here is some detail of some stockings made by Debby 

 I thought this quilt was a good pattern for using bits and for a more manly pattern.

and a close up

I thought this was really quirky with the cats around the edges

 and a beautiful jacket

 this was stunning - this design was based on a tiled floor in Venice 

 and a few pictures I took - more for ideas - they go on the "haha if ever" list

and the final one - appliqued flowers in pale bali fabrics - of particular note is the interesting stripy fabric - a bali - used around the outside.

All in all - a fun day with my bestie and my Aunt.

Next quilt show...not far away (in time) - but closer to home.


  1. lovely Susan,thankyou for sharing.xx

  2. I love that scrappy trip around the world -- certainly a "someday" quilt!

  3. I loved seeing them all... how nice to get a tourguide and meet the artists!! I see the scrappy trip is calling you... begging you....
    I do admire all the patience for the trimmings in the crazy patch work... stunning...

  4. I love seeing quilt show pics so thanks for sharing..........I am lucky if I get to one quilt show a year and I missed the close one this year so probably miss out all together........

  5. Thanks for the guided tour quilting is a family addiction then. I love seeing other peoples creativity.

  6. Many lovely quilts there Susan. Thanks for the pictures. Hugs....

  7. It's always inspiring to see what others have been making. You must have had a fabulous day out. Thanks Susan for popping over to my blog after the FNWF. I went green with envy when I read that you live in a place that doesn't get cold enough to need to knit something warm - Brrr I'm really feeling the cold this winter. You might like to pop back to our blog as Cornelia has finally shared what she got up to over the weekend :o) Have a great week.

  8. Beautiful version of Leannes House quilt from Debbie. Perhaps we could do that project as a stitchalong sometime Susan

  9. They sure are beautiful quilts Susan, especially the one Debby made. Put it on your list!!

  10. I'm so glad that you took lots of photos Susan...such exquisite work,and such details! all of them!

  11. Wow what lovely quilts, and the details with beads etc is amazing.


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