Monday, June 24, 2013

Brisbane Blog Meet and Walnut Shells

Firstly - the "Walnut Shells"

Referring to my last post and the walnut shells...seems there is a difference between crushed walnut shells and pulverised walnut shells... I used the crushed version and it is really quite difficult to get pins into my pincushion - very annoying.  At the Blog meet - Teresa bought hers along - and she had used walnut shells - but hers were crushed, crushed again and crushed a few more times - hers are like sawdust.  Easy to stick the pins in...Do you think my daughter would let me crush my walnut shells in her Thermomix??? (probably not)

The Blog Meet on Sunday - a lovely meetup - thanks to Maree for coordinating - the venue is a great solution and it's all working very well.

A few pictures - though I missed some of the Show & Tell

Firstly, Helen with a gorgeous small quilt - wall hanging...not sure.
You know Helen - she's the quiet one and doesn't like to be in the limelight!!!
and a group shot of the SAL pincushions for June.

More photos - over here at Noela's.



  1. Good to know about that walnut thing.... I never thought of the difference of crushed and pulverised!!
    Lovely picture of you all...


  2. thats interesting about the walnut shells Susan ,thankyou for sharing and yes i guessed Helen was the quiet one,lol.xx

  3. I missed the conversation on walnut shells, so it is interesting to find that out before I use any, if I ever decide to give it a go. It was a lovely day on Sunday.

  4. you get them both from the same place???? And if so, where????? Such a nice photo of you girls all together....makes me feel like I was there...well, sort of!!!! Missing you all
    xox sugary hugs

  5. It was a lovely meeting!
    May be you can use something like coffee crusher next time?


  6. Did your DD let you use her Thermomix...LOL

    Love the colours in Helen's Fernhill Wall Hanging.

    Always nice to see the ladies get together...

  7. Lovely show and tell and such a nice pic of you all :-)

  8. Great photo, Susan...and all those lovely pincushions!

  9. Thanks for your company Susan. I always enjoy catching up. Hugs......

  10. glad you girls had a great day.........nice to see all the pincushions together........

  11. It was a very nice day and I'm glad we were able to catch up too! xx Debbie ps I love your pincushion, so sweet.


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