Thursday, May 30, 2013

McKenna Ryan Fuchsias

I started this a while back - I am guessing at around 2008 - and I did the tracing and the vliesofixing.  Then I think I did the raw edge machine appliqueing at a retreat.  Then it sat...and got boxed up as a UFO.  Then it became a Project for 2013 - and then it got a turn this month. (Thanks to Aunt Marti's Challenge of 13 Projects in 2013)

The pattern is by McKenna Ryan from her In Full Bloom pattern.  I had thought I would do all the blocks - maybe I will - maybe one day...but I always intended to have the fuchsias as a wall hanging.

I decided to experiment with some machine embroidery for the quilting - the butterflies - and then decided to do a few lace butterflies as well.  And a few beads...

I used Susie's Magic Binding method for attaching the binding - its really very easy and I think it gives a nice finish.

My adventures with this quilt:
I have no confidence at all when it comes to free motion quilting - I am quite surprised when I look at the raw edge sewing on this and wonder if it was really me who did that part... but I have recently acquired a "Free Motion Quilting" foot for my Janome 6600.  I did have a plastic pogo foot - no idea what its proper name is - it came with the machine I think...I once saw a demo of someone trying this other foot and I thought "Oh yeah - they can FMQ anyway and are just trying to sell more gadgets" and promptly forgot about it...then someone else - who had no sales target to meet - encouraged me to give it a try - I did - it  made FMQ so much easier - the old foot jumps (duh-it IS a pogo foot!!!) but this foot stays at the same level and 'glides' over the quilt.
I am still no expert - but on this quilt I was brave enough to even try straight lines - I never would have with the old foot.  I will be trying more FMQ....

My other adventure on this quilt has been some machine embroidery...Because I don't like FMQ, I tried some quilting using redwork embroidery designs.  I found a few butterflies and flowers and even a free little "doodle" (that is shown in the picture of the binding - I think it was from Jenny Haskins).  Hooping it was a bit of a challenge as the applique layers make the quilt a bit thicker in some places, but I had fun doing it....And I will be doing more of it.

One of the butterflies:

 a free standing butterfly

 some beads:
  the crocheted basket hanger:
I've had a lot of fun - and more learning experiences - with this quilt.....
What project for June??????


  1. I need to resurrect some UFOs too Susan. you have done such a beautiful job on this one

  2. Susan, this is gorgeous! I want to come to Brisbane and see it hanging in your house!

  3. What a gorgeous finish Susan.

  4. Beautiful! Great job! That really is a pretty pattern as well.

  5. Wow.....I'm in awe of your beautiful machine embroidered butterflies, you certainly tried a lot of new techniques on your wall hanging, the finish is perfectly lovely.

  6. The hanging is beautiful. Love your machine embroidered butterflies. They look fabulous. Hugs,xx.

  7. That is stunning Susan, I do love MRyans designs anyway but have never seen that one made up ... love the extra embellishments you have used - make it that extra special... great finish and now onwards with the next one - they would look great together as a series....
    PS - thanks for that binding technique.... will try it sometime - I like how it gives a frame...

  8. Oh had me at Fushcias!!!! That is simply gorgeous!!!!! I don't love it, I ADORE it.....never doubt yourself, that is should be extremely proud of yourself gal!!!!! I'll be checking out that binding technique well as the FMQ foot......maybe it'll help me too!!!
    xoxoxox big sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  9. I have always admired this block and to see yours finished is great. Love all your little extras too, and the quilting looks so good.

  10. This looks fantastic! Maybe it had to wait all those years until you were able to learn and to use all those lovely finishing touches.

  11. Oh. My. Goodness!!! Susan, this looks just amazing - good on you for getting it out & finally finishing it - magnificent!
    I loved reading about what you learnt & what you found challenging about this project - where would we be without learning as we go?!
    Now you can enjoy your stunning fuchsia flowers all year round x

  12. wow Susan this is awesome work ,well done,its beautiful.xx

  13. Very great work Susan ! I have another BOM from Mc Kenna still in progress after xxx years !
    fused but appliquilting raw edges terrify me :(

  14. Adorable quilt and details are so lovely (it looks pretty difficult for me ;) )


  15. it's pretty but looks fiddly............

  16. Wow it looks amazing, I too am a total chicken with free motion quilting I really need to break this fear and get on with it.....

    My machine even comes with a total cheat FMQ foot......

  17. It's a gorgeous wall hanging, I bet you are pleased you have finally done this so now ou can enjoy it.

  18. This is lovely Susan, my favourite of all this month's UFO's! So pretty! Good on you for trying a bit of FMQ, it really does get easier the more you do!

  19. Wow Susan, thanks for the link to the binding tutorial, great pics and instructions. Have a charity quilt to finish and will give it a go.


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