Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Log Cabins Anyone?

Over here, Béatrice is reviewing some work for Fons & Porters and mentioned a free book you can download.  I have only had a quick look at it, but it seems like a vary handy reference for log cabin blocks and some variations.
Pop on over and have a look.
Meanwhile I am trying to finish some "secret" Christmas sewing, so there has not been a lot of blogging happening. 

PS:  this great e-book has a marvellous method for joining the ends of the binding.  I'm sure everyone has their preferred method - but I'm still searching for mine - Maybe this is it.  So download the book and look for Liz’s Lumpless Binding (right at the end).  It worked well for me last night.


  1. Susan! Thank you! I think I'm going to do my own "block a day" for inter and finish up my scrappy log cabin blocks. You just provided the inspiration.

  2. thanks for that... log cabins are so effective... maybe one day....

  3. I have also downloaded the e-book but havent read the binding page yet. Must go take a look.


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