Sunday, November 4, 2012

"Me" in fabric

I have been an admirer of Carol Turznik's work for a long time. Over on my side bar I have her logo and "Carol Turznik - Awesomely Artistic" .  She is.  A while back she did a series of quilts featuring various ladies - and I have been hoping she would start doing these as commission pieces.  Finally she posted a message to say she was ready to do more "Ladies".  I hopped onto the bandwagon immediately.

Here I am in fabric:

I was so excited when my parcel finally arrived from the USA.   I just love my wall hanging.

For the full details - you can see the original photo and the drawing here.

I think Carol is still taking orders if you are interested - maybe a Christmas present to yourself (Aren't they the best ones?)

For some of the other ladies go here or just keep scrolling backwards.  Carol does wonderful modern bright stuff.  If you like that style you could be there for quite a while.

A huge thank you to Carol - a wonderful addition to my Sewing Space.


  1. Sweetie, I think you forgot your spool earrings when you took that last picture. lol (Thank you so much for the glowing tribute! I loved making "YOU" in fabric!

  2. That's fantastic much fun.

  3. That is so good Susan. Love it. Hugs....

  4. ps...I have tagged you in a game of blog tag. Go to my blog to read about it. No pressure - if you don't want to play along, no worries. Just a bit of fun.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  5. How awesome is that... I have read her blog for a while - so great to 'know' someone who has a fabric portrait ...

  6. Dont you look awesome Susan! We are very lucky to have a piece of Carol's work. She truly is fab!


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