Monday, June 11, 2012

A very belated post on the Blog Meet

Gosh - how bad was I?? Organised the whole thing and forgot the camera and had a flat phone.
So none of my pictures to show but a few links to where the others talked about it.
You can go over here to see the whole group - minus Fiona since she took the photo - where was the staff when we needed them??
and some other posts: (in no particular order as they say)
from Kayly and Michelle and Teresa and Helen / (two posts) and  Marilyn  and Noela and De
Lynda was there too - and has now posted here.
And a huge thanks to Mary for taking the time to make us all a present and a Lucky Door prize!!  
And also to Michelle for her surprise gift to each of us.
We had such a fun time - everyone just fitted in so well and we all got along as if we had been friends forever and  met up regularly.  Hopefully that will be the case, so keep the first Sunday in June 2013 free.
One of the main topics of conversation - apart from "Nundle" was the blog meet in Sydney during the Quilt Show.  So sad I am not going (Silly me)  Oh well another time.
A big thank you to everyone who came - it was so great to catch up.


  1. it's wonderful to meet fellow bloggers.....slack blogger who forgot her remember to charge mine before Sydney..........

    Nundle is always wonderful and looking forward to catching lots of girls at the quilt show........

  2. It was so fun... we weren't short of pictures were we...even with some people not taking them!!! we will have to have a pretend we are in sydney couple of hours!!

  3. Wish I was going to Sydney too Susan. Maybe next year. Thanks for arranging the meet. It was great. Hugs...

  4. My post is still coming - tomorrow if we are lucky. My camera had a flat battery but I do have some phone ones. Just need a bit of a kick to get something posted.

  5. By the look of the paparrazi there is no shortage of photos, even if you didnt manage to take any. Definitely we need to do this again.
    Sydney would be wonderful, but couldnt be this year - maybe next year we could be there. We'll discuss it !!!

  6. It's all been said above but a huge thank you to you Susan for organising our great get together.

  7. Lovely to meet you and thanks for organising!

  8. It really was a wonderful day. I had so much fun!!! It did feel like we've all been friends for years. Thank you so much for organising the get together for us Susan. Sydney... next year maybe???


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