Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Gift for a Friend

My bestest sewing mate moved into a new house "The Cottage" last weekend.  Its been a long drawn out process (the story of which doesn't belong here) but she's in and settled.
I couldn't let the event pass with out some sort of commemoration so I made her this:

Its a Natalie Bird design that was published Country Threads Volume 8 #6 (with a few changes made by me!).


  1. Hi Susan I stitched the same design for my sewing room. I love mine, I'm sure your friend will love hers too. Hugs....

  2. That looks so good. I could imagine she would be very pleased to receive it.

  3. What a beautiful gift you stitched for your friend.
    I made one for a swap once and have always wanted to make another. thank you for tell us which book it come from.

  4. Lovely gift Susan for your friend. I am sure she will love it and it will make her creative space even more special.

  5. I'm sure your friend will love your lovely gift.

  6. Hi Chick.... thanks for the tips on binding small objects like my placemats!
    I get how you mean and I am certainly going to try it with my next lot!
    Sadly, I have already gone way past the point of doing that method with the placemats I'm working on right now.
    I'm on to hand sewing the back side of the binding... ikkk... but at least it's the home straight!


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