Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Clever Binding Tutorial

I found this excellent binding tutorial over at Aunt Marti's blog - 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks. (She got it from Susie.) I haven't tried it myself - but it looks easy enough - it is quick and I think it would be great for babies/children's quilts which might get extra washing and because its machined - there are no little traps for tiny fingers.

Marti also has a lot of other tutorials on her blog and recently posted the most beautiful photos of lakes.  Go here.

So pop over here and have a look at all her stuff.  Thanks Marti.

Happy Sewing - and remember the Brisbane Blog Meetup.


  1. thankyou for the link.xx

  2. I haven't seen that way before... thanks for the link.... I was hoping I might be able to make it to the blog meetup but I am doubting at the moment ......

  3. Susan, thanks for the advertisement! I hope if some of your readers try this method, they will let me know how it works for them. My bestie in Idaho tested it for me and loves it.

  4. Hi Susan, Will have to go check it out. Always good to explore another way of doing things.


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