Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Kind of Wonderful by Anni Downs

In a moment of madness - spurred along by the wonderful chit chat that happens on the Stitch-a-Long I have decided to work on the quilt "My Favourite Things" by Anni Downs (in the book Some Kind of Wonderful).  I have finished 2 blocks so far.
The pattern is done in needle turn but I am opting for the quicker machine applique and as those of you who know me well - there will be a few 'adaptations" along the way.
I am using fabrics I already have - that were originally destined for another quilt.

The blog's leader - Chookyblue - is a real whip cracker when progress is slow and this will be an incentive to keep up - I do not want to be cyberspace-whipped!!

Here is my first "Favourite Thing" - Singing in the Rain - probably a bit of a fib as I am not sure I have ever really done that - but I was happy to include it.  (It's about to absolutely bucket down outside - maybe I should try it tonight??)

and the second block is Old Blue Jeans
(I know - I can't wear long skinny jeans like that but lets be creative!!)

and some close ups -"The Eye for Detail" takes over again

Crazy aren't I??

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  1. great the jeans.........and yes you had better keep up or the whip will be coming think it was a moment of crazyness I decided to do this quilt too.........we MUST keep each other going.......


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