Sunday, September 18, 2011

Polka Dot Girls Finished.

I have had my purple Polka Dot Girls Quilt finished for ages, but finally got around to having it quitled, so now its all done.  The design is by Bronwyn Hayes.  I do love her stitcheries and still have a few of her projects to go (maybe one day!).
So, its one more off the list (and probably anther three added. . .)

The completed quilt (I didn't add any borders)

and some close ups:

I seriously think I need either a better camera (using my phone for these) or a class in photography, to be able to show the detail better. 


  1. Hi Susan-
    I just love this quilt. such a gorgeous lot of fabrics!
    Could you put the photos of the quilt on Flickr- I'm sure everyone would love to see it.
    Thank- you for sharing-
    Bronwyn ...

  2. Very beautiful and feminine quilt. Congrats Susan. XO

  3. Love it! A lot of hard work paid off. Great job!


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