Monday, January 3, 2011

Sew Its Finished 2011 UFO Challenge

Well I have just spent quite a bit of time listing in a spreadsheet - all the UFOs that came to mind - based on existing lists and what I can see - and although I only finished it half an hour ago I have already thought of 2 more that I HAVE to include!! (lol).    Then I gave them a rating -  10 being DO SOON and 1 being - When on earth will I ever get to this??)  And some of them are date deadlines - eg by 1st July and by end of year.  I found an alarming 58 (after the 2 new ones).  Ratings 10 - 6 are meant to be done by the End of the Year - that is 46 or something - eek - can I do it???  All my project (one missing ) are listed at the right - if you want to have a good laugh!!!
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  1. A very impressive list and nothing to be laughed at. I am sure you can achieve your goals this year!

  2. oh my gooooodness! You've got your work cut out for you. Go to it!

  3. Susan--my comments ar not coming into my inbox so I think I missed replying to your comment on my blog, Molly's Place. I really appreciate your visit and want you to know that My Boot Bash Block of the Month, block #1 is now up. Hope you enjoy it!!

  4. Wow you are organized. I hate to have a to do list because I work on inspiration most of the time. You have lots to do but like me when one works at it stitch at a time it does get finished. Would love to see the fabric addict wallhanging???
    Take care and hugs.

  5. Hi Susan, I love the way you have organised the projects. We're all in it together over at Sew It's Finished using the salami slice at a time!

  6. Definitely NOT a laughing matter!!!! No seriously, I love the way you've organised your list...remember to throw easy ones in amongst the bigger projects to keep your spirits up!...and I agree with Sue....use the Salami method....gee quilters come up with the best ideas don't they???? lol
    sew many sugary hugs
    X Wendy :O)

  7. I know you can do it! I know you can!
    carla louise


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