Sunday, January 30, 2011

Reducing the List but no Finishes

Yesterday my local quilt shop had a "Sew In" to make quilts, library bags and soft toys for the flood victims.  I took along one Kids Quilt top and the Music Quilt - both of which I had intended for a charity so it seemed the ideal opportunity to hand them over.  Someone has finished the music quilt and someone else has taken the kids top to quilt and bind it.  I have almost finished another top with left over bits from the music quilt and will hopefully take a picture before I hand it over to be finished off .  So that is 3 off the List!

I have also finished Verse 2 for Jenny's Give Thanks so will photograph it later in the week and post the picture.

And I am delighted that the tennis is finally over (even though the right girl won but the wrong boy won!) adn Channel 7 will get back to normal.   But as my husband cheerfully informs me it is only a few weeks til the AFL starts and there is always some cricket or something going on. 
Thank heavens I have my sewing to distract me. 


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  1. Hi Susan. Hope you are well. That is a great way to finish UFO's. Have people help! Great job! I have done my stitching on the Give Thanks BOM. Just need to finish the wall hanging now and decide if I want to do it the way Jenny has or if I want to mix it up!

    Hope you were unaffected by the cyclone and that all is well. Hugs!

    carla louise


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