Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Resolution

I am always telling myself that I must finish some UFOs before I start something new - but then along comes a great idea and I am off again - so I have decided to join in the Sew have you finished it? project.  A look at my side bar will give you an idea of some of my UFOs but over the next few days I will make a proper list, prioritise it and organise myself.  I still have a week off work and I had already decided I was gong to get things cut & ready to sew or traced ready to stitch.  This is the hardest thing I find time to do while I am working.
I suspect I will end up with a shopping list of "extras" but hopefully not too much - thin waddings and bag bits will most likely be there.
From there I will just have to shut my eyes and NOT buy magazines - (after all they ARE only $3-$4 if you buy a pack of three!!!!).

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  1. Good luck with your New Year's resolution Susan. This is definitely something I want to tackle next year as well.... See you next year xx

  2. I totally understand where you are coming from! LOL! I have some things that I need to finish too and the list of the things I want to do grows and grows!!! And NOT buying magazines would be a good place to start because that is where I always find something new I want to make! Take care and happy New Year!
    Carla xoxo

  3. Hi goodluck with the 2011 resolutions. I tried that this past year and got lots done. And books well thats something that I just cant resist and have not taken any resolution on them because I cannot keep it. hehehehehe
    Have a wonderful blessed 2011


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