Friday, January 3, 2020

FNWF January 2020

Fireworks, Harbour, Blue, Pink, Night

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

Putting aside the debate about Fireworks - 
Sydney Harbour is such a beautiful backdrop to a fireworks show.'s hard to believe the year of 2020 is here...though at the rate the bush fires are going in Australia, I do wonder how long we will be here.....😢.
Fortunately I live in "suburbia" and am not affected - there are no nearby fires and our air quality has only been smoky for a few days and is all OK for now.

Never the's sewing time.  I am on a break from work - returning next Monday...and have tried to make the most of my time sewing . . .the list for this year is already full!

Tonight I worked on these:
The photo is actually upside down - 
but I guess it doesn't matter!

Queensland Quilters Night Group have requested those who want to - to make wonky blocks using the teal supplied.  They requested no trimming back to size (8 1/2") they look very odd.  They were relatively quick and easy to do - certainly no nesting seams etc!!!

I am going to try to be more diligent in visiting other cyber friends who promises!!!

But thanks to Cheryll for continuing to motivate us for another year.  Pop over here to visit all the other cyber sewers!!!


  1. Those blocks do look fun to do.... I have long promised myself to try and do some 'improv' sort of blocks... one day.... lovely sewing along with you....

  2. Great blocks Susan. The fireworks did look impressive, but I wonder about the huge cost when there is so much drought and fire damage.

  3. Your blocks look fantastic. Love the turquoise/blue you've used (my favourite colour).
    The fireworks were spectacular.

  4. I love the wonky blocks... they're so good for using up scraps.
    Well done on a sewing start for 2020... xox

  5. Great that you've had a break from work and have got some serious sewing time in. Those blocks look fun to sew!

  6. Oh my gosh those blocks are amazing. Are they as fiddly as they look to make? x

  7. I think I your blocks look fun as they are! xx

  8. Wonky log cabins are a joy to make ... just sew!

  9. Great blocks. They look like fun.

  10. Happy New Year to you, too. Love the Sydney Harbour pic.

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