Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday again

Today is Friday Night With Friends so I hope to spend time with my cyber friends, sewing or prepping or whatever I end up doing.

And - looking to the right I can see. . . its only 7 sleeps til I go on retreat. 
(well, truthfully I don't need to look at the counter - its firmly implanted in my head!!!  LOL)

 I have been sending daily emails to all the gang and found this image to include a few days ago:

that just about sums it up!

I have 3 projects all packed & sorted out my clothes (its going to be warm during the day)...
Eagerly anticipating.

Looking forward to everyones' company tonight.


  1. I'm in for tonight....wish I could say the same for your retreat.....I LOOOOVE retreats! I'll have to stitch along with you from afar! xox

  2. Love that little girl..... so cute. I look forward to seeing your projects after your retreat.

  3. i'm just like on retreat on 7 sleeps...............shame it's not the same location.............OMG I have so much to fit in over the next week..............

  4. Are you looking forward to your retreat by some chance?? LOL.
    I am having a coffee break before getting back to some sewing...

  5. That picture is just adorable. I hope you have a great time away and I will be VERY jealous!! Wishing you a lovely time and some good stories to share later :) xx debbie


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