Sunday, December 11, 2016

KQ Girls Wrap Up

Another Christmas Party!!

This is a smaller group I go to in the Wynnum area.  We decided this year we would each make a bon-bon and fill it with 5 sewing related things.

Here is the collection:

This is the one I received:

I love it - I use blue & silver in one area of my house 
for Christmas decorations - it is made from organza.

and here is the one I made:

A few of the girls make a small present for everyone:

A lovely handmade card with a quilted fabric tree, and a hexie decoration
A hand towel for the kitchen.
And a bookmark:

For most of the day we wore those as decorations...(not a mad bunch at all!)

I have planned a "veg out and read" day during my Christmas break - so this will be very handy.

We had a lovely time - plenty of chicken, salads and pudding to eat.  We even played games and we each received a surprise present - a handy storage box.
So that is the end of another fun year...


  1. Lovely idea doing the bonbon with sewing gifts in..Love your Blue one.. Pleased you had a nice day with your small group..

  2. sounds like a fun day filled with lovely gifts xx

  3. Those bonbons are a great idea
    How many more Christmas parties to go?

  4. It's always NiCe getting together but especially wonderful at this time of year.
    Merry Christmas...HO ho Ho

  5. That's a lovely idea. Nice gifties too! Nice to share with friends this time of year x

  6. Such fantastic gifts made and received 💖💖


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