Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Retreat Wrap up

Some more pictures of things worked on . . .even though we have Friday afternoon to Tuesday afternoon to sew - its never long enough.
Over the years I have learnt to not take as much...but I am still overly optimistic as to how much I will get done . . . 

I did finish off the last block for my Quilt Fun Christmas quilt and had time to lay it out before I had to pack up.  I'll get it together this week before I go back to work.

I made this bag:

I did a lot of other stuff too but its Secret Stuff so you will need to wait . . .

One of our group who couldn't come last year decided to make up her 2014 Challenge - it was a Mug Bag...and last year we all made a matching  coaster.  This year it was a Thread Catcher ...and a few of us made Owls...Luckily Gail had enough fabric in her pack from last year to make a Thread Catcher to match her Mug Bag...and enough for an Owl...and a pincushion...and a tiny needle book...

She has a small piece left - she had cut one side of her mug bag upside down - its a perfect shape for a...scissor holder...I'll get a picture of that when she is done . . . 

Here is the "Score board"...still quite a few tags on the left but a lot moved over to the right...(the first two columns are the "not done" - the rest were finished)

Every year Belle & Pearl join us - it is the only time they are allowed out - they sit on top of the piano and keep an eye on us ....and watch over the space at night - every year Aunty Maureen makes gives them a present - this year they each received a scarf.
 Here are some other things that were finished over the long weekend:
Erica made a few things for her grand daughter - including this camera.
 Another Sashiko project from Gail
 These are Jan's beautiful hand appliqued blocks 

There were so many more . . . . . .I'll try to be a better photographer next year.

It's only 358 days til the next one . . .  
(time to plot the next Challenge...)


  1. Wow heaps done there Susan...... your Christmas quilt will be great.

  2. Delighted you all had a great time and managed to work on lots of fabulous projects..

  3. You cleaver girl so pleased you had the best time 😍😍

  4. WOW...what a project & pic packed post... Love it ALL...especially the owl set.
    Hugs xox


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