Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Excitement Builds

I really wanted to use fabrics I already had for my SAL.  I could easily repeat the types of colours I used for SKOW, but wanted something different.

I started with 3 fat quarters of Vintage Modern - but that wasn't enough and I would have to check out what else would go with it (probably Miss Kate...)
Then I found some blue & yellow fabric (Deco Dreams based on Clarice Cleft work - love it but no more of that available...)

Then I remembered two fabrics I had bought with the idea of making a table after a trip to a shop yesterday- combined with a sewing day - I now have this collection - half stash - half bought.  I will probably add more - I need to go through the stash again but this is my starting point.  And I have a collection of squares that I have received over the years as part of club memberships  . . that will take a while - the pile is over 10" high.
I have no idea yet how much the pattern says but I'm sure this will get me through . . .

Now I just need to wait for the postie . .


  1. Hi Susan,your fabrics will be perfect,this stitch a long will be so much fun watching,hope your postie comes soon with your pattern.xx

  2. good spot to have a bit of a mix there............some good backgrounds too.........that is what I will be lacking................

  3. Love the fabrics. I bought some background pieces yesterday. Hugs,xx

  4. Great pile of fabrics to start your Natures Journey Quilt... I've started a collection but need some greyish backgrounds...

  5. Good choices for a start. You can always add some more later.


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