Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas - I hope you are sharing it with special people.

Thanks for being part of my cyber world.

I've strung these little decorations up in my sewing room - mostly gifts from this year but a few older ones as well.   Not too sure I will want to take them down.....

at least they are relatively safe from the cat!!

My friend Maureen & I swap a cushion each year for a Christmas present..

Here is #1 - 2012

#2 - 2013

and here is #3 - 2014 - I love it!

all of them together.

I don't have pictures of the two I have given her - but this is #3 for this year - in celebration of our trip to Nundle in March.

Cheers everyone!


  1. I don't think I could take down the decorations either, they look very cute there. The cushion swap is a great idea. Happy Christmas.

  2. I recognise this year's fabric. Lovely cushions. Maureen had told me about your swap. Very pretty.

  3. I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day Susan! Cool cushions and love the Tribute to Nundle one!

  4. leave the decs up for a bit longer..............I would...............lovely cushions..............Merry Christmas...........

  5. oh Susan, I am not sure if your ornies are safe , they look like something too tempting for any cat. Your cushions are lovely, what a nice idea to have a keepsake from a special friend each year... Hope you have a fab new year, cant wait to catch

  6. Hi Susan ,yes i would leave those gorgeous decorations up for awhile longer and what a lovely idea swapping cushions and i love the Lynette Anderson one,thats a great idea,merry xmas my friend and i hope you have a happy and safe new year.xx

  7. Leave the decorations there - they'll be perfect for Christmas in July lol. Gorgeous cushions too xx

  8. Love the idea of a pillow swap! I didn't even put up any decorations this year, only my quilted Christmas tree about 2 days before Christmas! Couldn't seem to get into the Christmas mood this year, maybe next year. Hope you had a lovely one!


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