Friday, May 3, 2013

FNWF and...

I'll be joining in tonight with a lot of quilty friends all over the place for FNWF.

And I am relieved to hear that my Colour Swap parcel arrived intact at Cheryl's.
I know I shouldn't have doubted that it would get there but ...waiting is difficult at times.

Happy Sewing everyone!


  1. i know what you mean Susan,i am always relieved until it arrives at its destination.xx

  2. I'll be stitching with you..... binding... binding...

    I saw your goodies had arrived .... just lovely..... I am always very nervous until I hear any parcel has arrived...

  3. I worry about things not arriving too but usually our post is pretty reliable. Enjoy your FN sewing

  4. Catch up with you in stitchy time tonight.

  5. And very spoilt I was too. Happy stitching tonight. I havn't joined in tonight - not sure I'll get much stitching time


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