Sunday, May 19, 2013

Brisbane Blog Meet

Another lovely day spent chatting sewing, laughing and generally having a fun time.

I took more photos this time - here is the room full of industrious workers:

and the Show & Tell:
Anyone who knows Helen will know she is always the quiet one! - here she is modelling her enormous pincushion - well maybe its really just an ornament???

and a close up - its was lovely.
Lynda & Noela with their Bon Noel wall hangings
Noela with her Sweetwater bag

 De with her Anni Downs bag for Stitch-a-Long
 Sandy with her two Christmas mats
 Tatyana with her bunny & bag

 and a gorgeous pincushion.

A big thanks again to Maree for "Chief Coordinator" and "Morning/Afternoon tea provider".

See everyone in 6 weeks!!


  1. Hmm you are a day ahead of us.. Sunday 19th???
    What a fabulous get together and sew much gorgeous show and tell.

  2. what fun you are all having there and i was pleased that i knew all the names.Lol i think Helen has been on her sugar fix again,she is so funny and thankyou so much for your beautiful show and tell,such talented ladies in your group.xx

  3. It was a lovely day - spent with great company. Thank you again for all the contributions to my Butterfly Garden. There are some great fabrics there. See you on Friday if you make it then.

  4. Sure was a wonderful day. Look forward to our next stitching day. Hugs,xx.

  5. It was a really great day! love your photos Susan :-)

  6. Great post Susan. You took more show and tell photos than me. Thanks for your company, enjoyed sitting next to you today. Hugs......

  7. looks great fun..... I missed you all!


  8. What lovely little projects!

  9. Wonderful day - thank you so much for the company and all the fun :)

    Tatyana xx

  10. Another amazing that Helen you just can't take her cute is she...glad you had a ball....

  11. What a fun day Susan - lots of lovely show and tell. We have a bloggers meet down here in a couple of weeks which I'm really looking forward to. They are always such fun

  12. Great Photo's We Did have a Good Day and Lots of Laughs because of you know Who!


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