Sunday, October 7, 2012

Brisbane Blog Meet at The Wishing Well Cafe

Maree organised a Blog Meet for today - it was very hot in Brisbane today - 30 celsius but we met in a little cafe at Victoria Point - near the water and it was absolutely the best place to be for the day.  We started at 10.30 for a coffee, stitched and did Show & Tell - then had lunch and dessert and more coffee and more stitching...a lot of talking and laughing.
I think this will become the regular blog meeting spot.  If you get the chance to go there for lunch - or they do a high tea with 24 hours notice - do it - its a bit "shabby chic" with a lot of very pretty teapots, tea cups and our teaspoons were the souvenir kind. All very elegant... and we felt very comfortable taking over the back corner, stitching away.  (Two quilts in the toilet and the original well is still there!)
I have used Maree's photo to show the group and there might be some show & tell photos later...

From left to right -
me, Noela, Kayly, Maree, Joy, De and Debbie

and now some pictures
this is Maree's new BOM - pop over to her blog to get more info - such a lovely quilt

and here is most of my "FINISHED" SKOW top - love the light shining through...

and you can see some more pictures here:

and also this picture - taken from Noela's blog - with her permission


  1. What a wonderful gathering of lovely ladies, Susan... Such a great day out!

  2. What a great place to meet it sounds lovely, if I lived in Australia I would definitely love to come and play.


  3. wow what a wonderful meeting,looks like lots of fun,love the bloggy meets.xx

  4. A very relaxing venue. Was lovely to see you again and fantastic to see your Some Kind of Wonderful in person!

  5. that is where you heard about me...LOL...I know a lot of those faces...thanks for coming to visit....

  6. Sounds like a great day out in a lovely spot.

  7. Thanks for your company Susan. Can't wait for the next one. Love your colours in the Some Kind of Wonderful Quilt. Hugs.....

  8. What a wonderful meeting, and quilts are fantastic!


  9. what a great meet up.........nice to show and tell your SAL quilt..........


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