Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm back!!

 I know I have been neglecting my Blog lately, but things have been so busy for the last few months or so.  My eldest daughter got married on 2nd July - last weekend and most of my spare time has been tied up with "the Big Day" as we have been calling it.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day - perfect weather - no hiccups and a truly radiant bride! and the groom looked happy too!

I'm not into photo heavy posts - especially for personal stuff but here are a few to record the day.

(a happy bride - a serious Father of the Bride)

the married couple

and if you want to see more you can go to the FaceBook page for the professional photographer - Leigh-Warner-Photography

As a post script - a departed dauhgter means a spare room - which means a sewing room for me!!!!!!!!!   Doing the Happy Dance about that!!  (though it may have been cheaper to add an extension to the house!)


  1. Just lovely Susan. your daughter looked beautiful. Gorgeous couple... they looked so happy... best wishes to them

  2. Wow she looks great and now you need to do 2 happy dances the first for a successful wedding and happy couple and then the sewingroom dance. heheheh can I join you?

  3. What a beautiful bride! I bet you are glad to have that all over with and onto something new that's fun! I bet you are exhausted though. I know I was after my daughters weddings.

  4. Your daughter looks just lovely Susan, and so happy. It looks like it was an beautiful day for you all, what lovely pics.
    Joy ;o)


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