Monday, August 6, 2018

Retreat Time is almost here

Every August the Loose Threads group head off to retreat at Mt Alford. 
These days - as we have to have a minimum of 12 - we invite some friends to tag along.  Some years - like this one - some of the "founding members" are not joining us for various reasons....but sew, laugh, chat, eat and maybe carry on a bit - we will!!!

Naturally, preparations have been in place for a while - well in  my case "the list" has been created, scrawled on, mislaid, re written any number of times - but it is now set in concrete (well in ink) and recorded in my "Retreat' notebook.  This is the list.

This is the collection of "stuff" - the projects anyway.

The sewing gear is organised, but I'm not packing it up yet - I still have time to sew before loading the car.  Whether or not I do is questionable.

I love getting away to sew - even if it is just a day - but for 5 days - oh - wonderful!!!!

I'm lucky to be able to go to more than one retreat - but this one is very special.  This is our 12th year but some of us have been going to a retreat since 2003.

The countdown has been going for a while - but tonight (Monday) it's only

3 sleeps

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  1. Have a wonderful time at retreat.........I'm sure you will sew up a storm ......

  2. Have a great time at retreat. I am sure you will get lots done.

  3. You always get lots done at the retreat and sound very organised. Looking forward to watching the progress...

  4. You are very organised! Have a fantastic time at your retreat! x

  5. Hi Susan sounds wonderful,cant wait to see what you get down,safe travels my friend xx

  6. I'm smiling as I read this Susan... I can totally identify with your happy anticipation of heading off for a few days to sew, eat & chat all day. Being so organised like that might seem a bit over the top, but it really is essential to making the Retreat a good one for yourself.


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