Friday, August 3, 2018

FNWF - August

A great way to finish off the working week - a cyber sewing party!!

I made another taggie for a friend of DD1 - it took me a few attempts to get one that looked OK enough to gift - it is obvious that I am no good with 2 layers of minkee so its one minkee and one flannel going forward.   I've also been told that the ribbons I was using frayed very quickly - so not more of that stuff - now using the grainier ones and lots of ric rac.

I love this minkee I picked up recently at half price.

I also prepped two pieced blocks for my Jingle All the Way quilt - I hope to work on that when I'm on retreat....7 sleeps to go!!   (and only 3 work days....)

I have a sewing day tomorrow (Saturday) as well, so more sewing is on the horizon.
Thanks Cheryl for hosting us again - no matter where you  are at the moment!!


  1. A cute Taggie... I've never made one of them...

  2. Hi Susan lovely taggie my friend and how wonderful you got your minkie at half price,hope you have a wonderful weekend. xx

  3. Thanks Susan... for joining in FnwF again. I hope you enjoy your weekend of sewing too...
    Looking forward to seeing what you create at the retreat too. Xox

  4. Nice taggie
    Hope your retreat goes well

  5. Some little person is going to enjoy that taggie. Enjoy your sewing day and retreat.

  6. Good work....the little ones love them xx

  7. A great taggie, and I love the fabric you have used for it x


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