Saturday, June 2, 2018

Saturday at the Chookshed Party

Today at Loose Threads - I took my Best Friends Forever project - one of those long term - pick it up when nothing else is ready - projects.

I didn't get a lot done as for some of the day some of us helped one of the group who makes stoles for Communions - so we sewed some decorations on for her.

Tonight I did a bit more on Jingle - put a few more bits together....

and then decided I better get quilting a baby quilt that will be due to be delivered sometime this month.

Wonder if I will be able to sneak in any more sewing tomorrow??

I am sure the real party goers are having a ball - hopefully they are sewing as much as they are talking and drinking!!!!


  1. Oh I've been doing some boring sewing ....... Hanging sleeve for a quilt ....... But hope to get my bag finished today.......
    Hope you can seek in some more sewing today .....

  2. You’ve done well for the day. It will be a cute baby quilt.

  3. You've been busy sewing along . Hope you get to do some more sewing and finish the baby quilt.

  4. and I sewed a bit on Sunday.


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