Tuesday, May 29, 2018

SIMS Round Robin

In a small group I belong to we thought we would challenge ourselves
....just in case we were getting boring . . . 

We decided to do a Round Robin quilt.

There are only 4 of us - we call ourselves SIMS (Susan, Inca, Maureen, Sue).

We each made a central block and the plan was that we would each add a border.  .

I started mine off with this block

and the end result is this
I love it - we are planning on having them finished by the end of the year . . (no pressure)

This is Inca's quilt - I did the last border of Flying Geese - using the same machine embroidery technique that I used in Jingle All the Way (here)

This is Maureen's quilt - I did the pink and green checker board border.

This is Sue's quilt - I did the first border.

Maureen added dimensional flowers to the central block.  Maureen and Sue's mother (Hazel) were very good friends and Maureen had been gifted a lot of sewing things from Hazel (who has now passed away).  Amongst that collection were some tiny hand made petals that fitted the hydrangea theme perfectly.  So Maureen added them to give dimension.  It looks lovely and is a perfect keepsake for Sue.

I'm not sure we are all rushing to do this again.....but it was (mostly) fun!
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  1. Love all the different versions. Nice challenge idea... xox

  2. What fun! Such a great idea and so much variety! Looking forward to seeing further updates :) xx

  3. They look great....... I've never done a round robbin let alone as a group.......

  4. They turned out so well they.

  5. They all look great.... very clever group of girls... I would find that very challenging....

  6. Just trying this option . . .

  7. All your versions of the Round Robinslook great. Our Patch group has done a Round Robin as well as a Row By Row. Loved doing both.

    Ticking your notify boxshould work....

  8. Beautiful quilts. Your tree is gorgeous x

  9. Thank you from me too (via my proxy Susan) for your complimentary comments. Actually a ROW by ROW could be interesting.....just kidding


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