Friday, May 4, 2018

FNWF - May

Best Laid Plans

Friday Night - Geelong Cats are playing at night - it's on TV (probably Foxtel)...goodo I thought - get dinner on the way home - eat it - and escape to my favourite place!!!
NO - a "family" dinner was on - sort of extended family - DD2's partner's off to Carina Leagues Club.   And really you can't just eat and run . . .(tempted though I was)

So my sewing treat was cut a bit short - however DH brought me home a gift:

so, I had to play with that first.  
Sadly it only comes with 3 of the letter I had to improvise.  DD2 tells me I can buy extra sets of letters at K Mart...a bit of shopping will be necessary!

Then I finished putting this one together.

This is Project 7 for the Sunday Stitchers 2018 Challenge - my goal was to create the top - so that is more or less done....
The original pattern (From CanningTown Patchwork @ Warwick - now closed) was a more Christmassy theme.  I think it was called Vintage Christmas Blessings.  
It included embroidered words - Peace. Joy. Blessings etc in the strips between the rows...and stars on the trees.  Although I liked the quilt when I first saw it - I really do not need another Christmas quilt (must remember that when I am looking at patterns) - especially in these colours, so the words went.  There is also some embroidery between the houses and I'm not sure I really like that either - so I need to think about the "space" and decide how to fill that in - any suggestions welcome.

When that was done, ironed and photographed, I sewed a few rows of Ruth's Quilt together - pictures later on.

All in all - not too bad for a late start after a very busy / stressful / tiring week (2 weeks actually) at work (including working half of my "day off").

I hope you all had a fun and productive night - thanks for your cyber company and thanks to Cheryll for managing to still have a "party" whilst buzzing around all over the place,
Happy weekend to all - and if you are in Queensland - Happy Long weekend..... (though really we do not need another public holiday...yet)


  1. Hi Susan you sure did have a busy night I was a bit the same. I love your letter board what a great idea lots of lovely work you did I think you achieved quite a lot considering you were out as well ,you sure did better than me,lol,hope you have a lovely weekend my friend xx

  2. Oh at least you tried ....... Nice present...... The 5'S do work though so you could just keep them ...... But I know you probably won't... .. Lol

  3. Hubby's been watching the footy while I have ignored him and the tv... :) I love your letter board and fancy not having enough s's... yes, you need a quick shopping trip! Love, love your Christmas blocks all put together!! xx

  4. What a great gift. I like your quilt top as it is. Some quilting in the space is all I think it needs.

  5. Lovely present. At least you got some done. Lovely Xmas block. I will miss canning town on my visits to Warwick. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. lovely sewing.... I do like those houses and trees - I know what you mean about Christmas quilts... haha.... I have one of those lights and the extra letters are great.... worth getting them.

  7. Doesn't that happen all the time with family ;) I am glad you got some stitching done, looks like you made quite a few changes to the pattern, the houses and stars are lovely. Great gift from the hubby :)

  8. Great gift, the 5's look fine. I do remember that quilt and yes you can have toooo many Christmas quilts, good idea to tweek the pattern.

  9. What an awesome gift ❤️❤️❤️Fantastic houses ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. What a lovely looks fantastic. I like the top with the white space to be honest...I don't think it needs anything! You really do power through your projects Susan...I should be more careful who I become friends with hahaha

  11. Great gift and the 5's look ok in there.
    Lovely christmas project you'er working on too Susan.

  12. I do like to see nice houses :-)

  13. Oh you are so tolerant Susan, sacrificing the footy for a family night, LOL... I have one of those signs with the fun letters, also from Kmart, & the extra letter packs are only a few dollars.

  14. I think the 5’s look pretty cool! As a suggestion perhaps a few little cross stitched gold stars if you want to fill the space but it also looks fine without!

  15. Hi petal. Did you have any 8's. Could work. But that sign is awesome. Totally jealous.


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