Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all!!

I wish everyone a happy, not too challenging year.

I am on leave from work and always try to get a few sewing things done over the break, though of course the list is longer than the time off....

To wrap up the year I have two small finishes....not UFOs.
My friend Inca recently gave me a small zippy pouch and matching house pincushion.

and as I have the same collection of fabrics I thought I would make a "sewing companion" to store needles, scissors etc and a large pouch.

This is all being used to store block 4 of Mrs Beasley's sampler which I am finally able to get on with.  Finishing the quilt is a definite goal for this year.

I have managed to remove a few other things from my list but no real evidence of this to show you....for example I sewed about 20 buttons onto my Quilt Diva, and prepared block 4 of Mrs B sampler.

Cheers to 2017!!!
As I said somewhere else - may your list f UFOs decrease over the year...that allows plenty of new projects as long as some get done . .  .LOL


  1. Very lovely sewing. Enjoy your break and happy 2017. My ufos are too many for order so chaos will reign once more lol!

  2. Pleased you are enjoying your break. Great zippy pouch ....
    Good luck with your UFO this year...

  3. Happy New Year Susan!
    Oh, I've heard that Mrs Beasley quilt has been a right saga... with the non-publishing of the magazine... & no info forthcoming. Glad you'll be able to finish it now!

  4. Happy New Year Susan! So glad now you are able to get on with Mrs Beasley after the long wait! Happy Sewing!

  5. Great start... the project bag is lovely ...

  6. awesome start Susan,Happy new year my friend xx


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