Sunday, December 4, 2016

FNWF - December 2016

Thanks again Cheryll for continuing to host our Friday Night With Friends.  Sometimes its the extra motivation I need to get something done - instead of collapsing after a weeks worth of work.

There is still a lot of secret sewing happening here, so I will show a picture of a very cutely dressed chocolate...This was one of the gifts from Sandi at our Sunday Stitchers Christmas Party

It was delicious!!

Pop over here to see the other FNWF'ers.

The countdown to Christmas is here and running at full speed - so I hope you are well prepared...all your sewing done?? - presents organised?? food & guest list sorted for the "big" day???

Nup - me either.


  1. Mmmmmmm same here.......just thinkiNg about it all lol! I better get cracking!

  2. Hi Susan i am all finished except for taking the older grandaughters shopping,not long to go now my friend xx

  3. Um, nup, not here either! Very smart packaging of the choccy Susan

  4. Almost too pretty to eat ... almost, lol.
    I'm just thinking of one week at a time 😊

  5. I think there was a lot of finishing of secret gifts at FNwF this month.
    Happy that you joined us...xox

  6. Glad you had time for secret sewing...chocolate is always a good gift!


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