Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cyber Party Progress

Friday Night
A little treat to go with the party theme:
Firstly, I did some "design" work - the next block in Bluebird Lane has some bunnies...I don't have a thing for bunnies at I've decided to create a birdhouse...I think I will still make changes to this but at least I have a "plan".

Then I organized my supplies for Saturday and did a bit of stitching on this...

Saturday - Day
After a wet drive down the highway. for sewing with my group - Loose Threads, I finished this one ....

and did some of the dots on this one...tedious but they are getting better as I go.

Happy with what I got done - I hope everyone else is having a fun cyber party.

The party continues...


  1. Great work Susan! And yep I'm having fun at the Cyber Party!

  2. You are sewing along beautifully with us Susan...
    I having a great time ,it's 5pm and still in my PJs ...
    Love PJ days...

  3. The bird house is cute!! You got lots done with your stitcheries too!Hope you are not affected by the storms we are hearing about.

  4. It looks like we all had a good time at Chooks party. Nice work.

  5. Great sewing.. I battle with satin stitch circles always....

  6. Glad you got so much planned and tone over the weekend


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