Sunday, May 22, 2016

FNSI - May

Gosh a month goes quickly!!  Seems no time at all since we were gathering for FNSI in April.

I spent a while tidying up the ends of some quilting I had done and then I worked on my cross stitch...

A lot of areas to be filled in - but the top section is almost done...about to start on Centrepoint.  I'm really enjoying this - a nice change from stitcheries etc...

I hope everyone had a happy and productive time.  
Thanks Wendy - its always a fun cyber gathering.


  1. Looking great..Your cross stitch is growing fast..

  2. Your cross stitch is coming along beautifully Susan.

  3. Tidying ends is a great thing to do with friends, lol :) Love the cross stitch, such a big project :)

  4. It will be wonderful when complete Susan... xox

  5. oh I love this cityscape Susan... well done...

  6. That's lovely Susan....I haven't seen a cross stitch of the Harbour Bridge!


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