Thursday, December 31, 2015

Welcome to the North Pole

It's a Top!!!

One other thing on my holiday "To Do" list is to get this into a top so I can quilt it and have it finished for Christmas 2016...there will be a lot of "decorating" once its quilted . . .
Thanks to Fiona (
BubzRugz) for the idea of using braids etc for the roofs.

Visit here for close ups of the houses.


  1. Wow it's looking fantastic Susan xx

  2. Who Hoo! Well done Susan.. Your North Pole looks fantastic....

  3. Well done! Love the roof braid looks wonderful! Happy 2016 Susan xx

  4. love love love your quilt (glad I could lead you along on a bit of it!)

  5. oh wow Susan, you've done a fab job of North Pole, it'll be fun to see your embellishments when you get to that stage!
    happy new year xx

  6. That was a good idea.....the braids look terrific, well done.

  7. It looks fantastic Susan, can't wait to check it out. Inca


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