Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Saturday Meet-up

Over on the Stitch-A-Long blog, we all knew that Holly from Nimble Thimble Stitchery-Do was visiting Australia from Canada for a cousin's wedding.  Holly, Chookyblue and I had been communicating and planning a meetup - I knew that as long as we could coordinate dates around Holly's commitments I could do it - but to get Chooky here required a lot more maneuvering and Holly really wanted to meet Chookyblue.   Well...she lives about 8 hours aways so it was going to need something extraordinary to get her here.

But the "Social Event" Gods were smiling and a farming friend of Mr & Mrs Chooky in northern NSW needed some help "preg testing" the cows...let's not go there to learn how they preg test, but it does include very long rubber gloves...That was about half way to Brisbane not so much of a push to get Chooky to Brisbane.  So that looked like it would happen....(By the way the Preg testing was cancelled due to wet weather!)
The plans continued and we were able to include Michelle Ridgway - who had just released her first ever book - including patterns for a gorgeous quilt and a lot of tags and smaller projects which she brought along to show.

Then another "surprise" guest - Lynette Anderson - who is taking it a little easy for now as she has damaged her finger - Chooky decided she needed a bit of cheering up so we invited her too.  (Fortunately Quilt Sherpa - her driver for now - also needed to come to Brisbane...the gods were still smiling on us).  Lynette also very generously gave each of us a charm pack of her latest fabric range - Needles & PIns.  Gorgeous fabrics.  I need to make something special with them......

What a roll up - sorry to anyone else who went to the Full Moon for a quiet lunch!!  And sorry to those who chose to go away...

In all we had 19 people!
Sadly this photo (which I brazenly copied) is missing Holly & Megan here is Cheryl, Megan, me & Holly. (sorry I pinched this one too....)
I had a lovely time chatting to Holly & Megan - we were all trying to drag Megan into the "patchwork" world - and her husband's business is opposite a quit shop - what more could  you want???  But Megan is thinking she may venture into a "Craft Retreat" place so we gave her all sorts of ideas & recommendations!!!  

We reluctantly said goodbye to Holly & Megan late in the afternoon.

During the afternoon those of us who had missed getting their mini quilt from Sunday Stitchers were able to catch up.

Here is mine (made by Lynda)
and its reversible!!
I love it - anything with houses or building gets a vote in my book!!  Thanks so much Lynda.

Chooky was "sleeping over" at my place so we sorted her fabrics for her Nature's Journey centre block - and look she got it done ...

well maybe not quite finished...but it looks effective.

Thanks so much to everyone who came along - I am sure Holly will remember this day as a special part of her trip down under - lets hope she gets back soon!


  1. Wasn't it just the most wonderful GTG. only wish I was a few weeks earlier....could have joined in..

  2. & a fabulous day it was too. I enjoyed it so much. Hugs,xx

  3. What a fabulous line up there Susan and what a great meeting this would have been....perhaps Chooky will be lured back again when the pregnancy test has to be done again!

  4. Wow Susan what an awesome job you did to make this happen,so worth it look at all those happy faces,what an amazing time for you all ,well done my friend xx

  5. Susan, looks like way too much fun to be having without me.....LOL!
    The realisation that I did not make the celebrity list is just sinking in....
    Best work harder on becoming famous before you have the next one!
    Glad you all had a lovely time xx

  6. So lovely to meet Holly and thank you to you Susan for all your organization. It was a wonderful fun day. Your mini is lovely and well done Chooky for getting her block sorted xx

  7. well done event organiser extraordinaire! wonderful

  8. oh such a fun time.....thanks for organising everyone..............and yes I think all the stars aligned at the right worked perfectly..........and most importantly thanks for the beds........was so good to meet Holly.........

  9. What an awesome get together. Love your mini, the houses are so cute.

  10. I'm not one of the bloggers,but a friend and a Sunday Stitcher. It was so lovely to meet everyone's I'd heard about. Thank you Susan, my friend, it was a great day.

  11. Isn't it wonderful when the planets align. It looks like you all had a fantastic day and how good for Holly to meet everyone - and you all to meet her.


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