Sunday, May 31, 2015

Chooky's Chookshed Party

It's Party Time !!!!

Chooky hosts a virtual party every year to celebrate the birthday of her ChookShed. We all link up and try to commit the weekend to sewing...
Of course there is a real party happening too, but we can't all arrive in the middle of *^#!^(^#%&   wherever it is - and sew - but a virtual party is almost as good.

Friday Night
Never very productive as its the end of a week of work, but I did get some very fiddly cutting done.

The bits are all for my "Welcome to the North Pole" quilt ...maybe finished for this Christmas?  

In between some "domestics" I added some snow and selected some roofing material for some blocks.  Here are a couple...though I did quite a few more....

(no idea why this won't go the right way..)

I'll be sewing the roofs on while watching TV on Sunday night.

During the day I was showing DD2 the blocks - most of the buildings have fabric that matches what the building is for - when I showed her the Coffee Shop,,,she said it was a shame it wasn't in the shape of a coffee cup/mug...
This is/was  the Coffee Shop:

so I put my architect's hat on...and built a new Coffee Shop...just needs a decoration for the lid...and snow...maybe some decorations on the handle.

Sunday was a Sunday Stitchers Day - so I worked on this:
A few of us in the room working on this one.

Thanks to Chookyblue for hosting a fun cyber Sewing Party - Happy Birthday to her shed...I think a real visit is on my bucket list.  You can pop over there and go exploring what all the party goers got up to via the links.



  1. You did work on some awesome projects xxx

  2. Oh those North Pole blocks all look great but the Coffee Cup House is awesome.. Great idea DD.

  3. I really love your house quilt, that will look great when it is finished! Gee you really did get stuck into a few projects they are all looking good

  4. A good weekend of sewing.... good to see North Pole out and I love you coffee shop...

  5. O wow you got a lot done at Chooky's party, very fun and pretty projects.

  6. I can't wait to see your North Pole quilt finished and I just love your very clever coffee shop...... well done.

  7. You achieved a lot over the weekend, your coffee mg house too :-)

  8. great work on your NP blocks Susan... & what a super idea about the coffee shop shaped as a cup!

  9. Love the redesign on the coffee hut. Great party weekend by the looks.

  10. You were very busy considering you were at a
    Love the Xmas quilt... keep working on it! xox

  11. Good on you Susan got heaps done over the weekend!


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