Saturday, March 7, 2015

Let's Get Stitched - Friday

Friday was Bus Trip day - I arrived early enough for a quick breakfast with the Nutters and then the meet & greet - get my name badge - this is from Dawn - she did a wonderful job of selecting colours for me.

First stop - Bayside Stitchcraft - a small purchase for me...loved the buttons - and thought I'd try the premade binding for the design boards I want to make.

Then a very short trip to Linen & Lace - a lovely shop full of pretties.

A slightly longer trip to Nikki Tervo's shop - behind her house on a lovely block of land - this was in the garden...must be where her elves live . . . 

I bought a few yellow scrappy fat 1/16ths, some needles (can you have enough needles??).
Nikki also gave each one of us a booklet of 12 of her stitcheries - very kind.  If you live in Brisbane it's certainly worth a look - a good range of fabric and a Tilda room....not to mention all her lovely buttons etc.

Hop back on the bus . . longer trip this time . . one of the group was a bit over the moon about the Gateway Bridge - most of us just chatted . . . lunch time at the Full Moon  then a short trip back to Faeries in My Garden!!
I have finally given in and bought a replacement "A Tisket A Tasket" kit - I originally received this as a Gift of the Month and had done about 2/3rd of the stitching - I think I took it with me on a work trip - and have never found it day I hope I will get back and re make it...

And last trip - by now we were way behind time - off to Salisbury to the Quilters Store - where finally we got coffee tea & cake...Whoo Hoo
So, this is the kit and more perle thread for my Nature's Journey and a button...With the big container of buttons I have one would think I had one suitable but . . . no . . 

Last trip on the bus - by now I had remembered the first step on (and off) was a doozy!, back to the hotel.

I had a bit of a rest and a bit more chatting ...with the Tuesday Girls, then down stairs for pizzas and games...I have never been to LGS before but I've heard about the games - and lots of talk about "Poise".. - what a laugh!!!!

Firstly we had a swap - each of us had brought along some items to swap - patterns, collections of fabrics, kits etc...I had four patterns  I no longer wanted so took them - was supposed to only be three - got four tickets, so when my number was called out I could select something - this is what I ended up with - great items!!!

Then the Charm Pack swap - we all had a charm pack in a brown paper bag and did the left right left story and actions - somehow - several times people ended up with no packet and someone on the other side of the room had two - what the ??? we all thought...
Finally I ended up with this one . . . 

I cant talk too much about the games - what happens at LGS must stay at LGS...

A rest day today - Dinner is on tonight...most of the visitors are amusing themselves doing the touristy things ....some are shopping.....again.....I have a few things to sort out personally and domestically (we do need groceries . . .)  and Sunday is Sewing Day - very much looking forward to catching up with a few people in particular...

A HUGE thankyou to the Nutters who organise this each year...there were about 45 of us yesterday - more for Sunday and it all started with a small group of people meeting in a park at Cleveland five years ago....


  1. Lovely badge Dawn made for you Susan..
    Looks like you had a fabulous day and enjoy tomorrow.

  2. Fantastic name badge...sounds like so much fun...can't wait to hear more...xx

  3. sounds lovely Susan and great you could get to go on the bus trip and pizza night... see you in the morning....

  4. nice name badge.......sounds like a good day shopping...........

  5. Your name badge was beautifully made Susan, great colours...
    Glad to see you had a great time

  6. What a love,y day out. Love the look of that Nikkei terai shop

  7. Hi Susan ,love your badge and it was so lovely to catch up with you again,see you soon xx


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